Fetch Feedback, Fast

Fizzl is the fastest way for Designers to fetch feedback from team mates & users

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  • Capture your latest iteration

    Capture your latest iteration either directly in sketch or use fizzl to snap your hand drawn flows and wireframes

  • Ask for feedback

    No waffle or fancy words . Ask your team mates & users for specific feedback and tag your workflow whilst your at it

  • Create & Share your Fizzl

    Share you fizzl with team mates & users. To encourage rapid iteration and fast feedback, your fizzl will vanish in 24hrs! .

  • Get Blunt & Honest feedback in seconds

    Without being influenced by a commenting thread, team mates & users are rewarded for giving blunt & honest in fewer than 100 characters.

  • Directly respond to feedback

    Respond directly to team mates & users who give you feedback and avoid sending mass responses tightening up that feedback loop

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"Focus on obtaining feedback as early as possible" - Lean UX

Fizzl helps you rapidly iterate. Collect feedback & validate your ideas with your team and real users within 24hrs.

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Power up your Feedback

All the nice perks that are included in Fizzl

Capture your latest iterations

Capture your latest hand drawn iterations or iteration in sketch

Share your iteration

Invite your teams to view your latest iteration and give blunt & honest feedback

Get Feedback flippin' fast

Team mates & users can give feedback in seconds and avoid being influenced by comments

Receive blunt & honest feedback

Those giving feedback select a sentiment & give writtem feedback with 100 characters

Respond to feedback live

Respond directly to those who give you feedback and discuss a solution together

Iterate faster with Fizzl

Each Feedback request Fizzl's out after 24 hours, encouraging early and often iterations

What early Fizzl adopters think...

" Fizzl has shifted the way we gather feedback. Super simple and it follows the lean principles "

Alex - Founder, Fraim

" I'm actually getting honest feedback vs a list of comments! Thanks Fizzl! "

Sam - Founder, Sage Project

" It's great using a product that genuinely improves design transparency " "

Adam - Product Lead, Hive

" My team now fully understands the design process and it's great getting so much feedback everyday! "

John - Head of UX Yieldify