Our mission is to help designers fetch feedback faster to facilitate smart decisions early and often.

We encourage design teams to create a tight feedback loop internally and externally

How did it all begin?

Fizzl began in late 2017 when Zander, at the time Hotjar's first UX Designer, consistently found fetching qualitative & quantitative feedback internally and externally a pain. With users requesting thousands of features a day he realised the power in building with users vs at them. As well as external feedback, Zander felt there was a huge opportunity to upskill every member of the team on upcoming features earlier, ensuring team mates knew the product more than users, hence why Fizzl merges internal and external feedback.

Inline with Lean UX Principles, Zander felt it was crucial for designers to have a feedback tool to make it flippin' easy and fast to get feedback internally and externally as early and often as possible...

Dabbling in React & other frameworks, Zander reached out to the most talented developer he had worked with, Paulo Soares, who had decades of experience building valuable products and fully embraced the Fizzl vision. Determined to build an open and transparent product remotely, Paulo and Zander designed and built the Fizzl MVP in a few weeks and had 1000+ early adopters using and testing Fizzl.

As co-founders, for Paulo and Zander it was crucial to build a product that could be used to build itself. Hence why every iteration of Fizzl goes through a super tight Fizzl feedback loop, both internally and externally.

We’re always interested in hearing your feedback and how you think we can improve fizzl — send an email to zander@fizzl.io, and let us know what you think.

Say Heya to the Fizzl Team...

Zander Whitehurst

CEO | Design & Product

Paulo Soares

CTO | Code & Product