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We are a remote, blunt and honest team. Fizzl has been built in 7 countries and is used in over 55!

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Fizzl began in early 2018

Zander was the first UX Designer to join Hotjar. They have over 250,000 customers and absolutely rock as a remote company. Whilst at Hotjar, Zander consistently found the feedback flow (loop) internally and externally was slow, text heavy and fundamentally flawed. As a remote designer it's crucial to get feedback early and often and bring visibility to the design process. Fixed teams collect feedback around whiteboards and desktops. Having used design tools built for fixed teams, none provided a lightweight solution for fetching feedback remotely. It can take hours, days, even weeks to ask, wait, chase and eventually try and digest text heavy feedback across multiple tools.

Remote team build remote tool...

Having learnt lots at Hotjar, Zander connected with Paulo (Full Stack Portugese Wizard) who enjoys a Hygge lifestyle in Copenhagen. Together they designed, built and tested the earliest version of Fizzl over the first few months of 2018. With 120 Feature Requests in the first week it became obvious the pair were saving remote designers hours everyday. Fizzl tightens the feedback loop and actually makes giving feedback fun.

Fizzl is used in 55 countries in < 2 months...

Having validated their hypothesis. Zander and Paulo prioritised features and got to work building the Fizzl Alpha. As well as fixing bugs and updating the UI, the major additions included projects, segmented teams, visual pinned feedback and real time responses. The purpose of Fizzl is to make it easy for remotee designers to share work in one place and fetch feedback flippin' fast.