You beauty! Handle feature requests in one place with no hassle...No back & forth. Just simple requests, upvotes & build

You don't really use your product, so start to encourage your customers & clients to request features through Fizzl. You will be amazed at how smart they are...

Hey Give us Feedback Flippin' Fast...

How it works

Receive Feature Requests

Organise and estimate feature requests in one place

Build with users

Organise your roadmap based on what your users upvote

Segment Feature Requests

Encourages users to stay in the feedback loop sooner.

Estimate & Set Feature Status

Keep those who influence your product in the loop with simple feature status'. Build with your users sooner and get feedback at every stage of your workflow.

Be open & transparent

As well as feature estimates and status', let users know the roadmap and progress of each feature you work on.

Other features you will love


Fetch feedback early and often and iterate faster with time framed feedback

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Give blunt & honest feedback. Rate, write and give freehand feedback

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Engage with feedback in real time to reach a solution faster, together.

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