Fetch Feedback Flippin' Fast and respond in Real Time!

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Create a tighter feedback loop and iterate faster with Fizzl

Capture your latest iteration, share it with team mates, clients and customers who can give you feedback in seconds! Respond in real time and digest feedback in one handy place, making it easy for you to iterate faster

Set a time frame and collect feedback early and often

Avoid distributing your feedback amongst multiple tools. Fizzl allows you to easily collate your iterations giving you a timeline of feedback. To make sure you get feedback fast, set a time frame for responses.

Give blunt & honest Feedback with simple tools

A commenting thread is not useful for feedback. Quickly rate the iteration, doodle and draw on elements related to your feedback and genuinely write out blunt and honest feedback.

Respond to Feedback in Real Time

No more dilly dallying. Respond in real time to feedback to find a solution sooner. Responding in real time makes it easy to keep a transparent workflow whilst building relationships.

A new and better way for Designers to fetch feedback early & often

With Fizzl it's simple, fun and flippin' fast to Fetch Feedback internally and externally,


Handle feature requests in one place and open your feedback loop sooner

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Fetch feedback early and often. Iterate faster with time framed feedback

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Give blunt & honest feedback. Rate, write and give freehand feedback

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Engage with feedback in real time to reach a solution faster, together.

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Make smarter decisions sooner with data. Keep your workflow open & transparent

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Measure the qual & quant success of every feature live on your site / product.

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Perfect for Startups, Agencies and Corporates

An ideal solution for teams of any size. From those flyin' solo to big teams wanting a faster feedback loop.