We wish it was, but it's not rocket science. Iterate faster by getting feedback earlier and more often.

Capture your latest iteration, set a time frame for responses and instantly request feedback from team mates, your awesome clients and even your customers who genuinely use your product everyday...

Hey Give us Feedback Flippin' Fast...

How it works

Capture your latest Iteration

Capture every stage of your workflow, from hand sketches to sketch artboards

Set a time frame

Ask for blunt & honest feedback within 24 hours or a time frame that works for you

Share with Segments

Instantly share with segmented team mates, clients and users with no hassle

Version your iterations

Keep track of your iterations with tags and simple version control. Fizzl makes it easy to iterate rapidly, with feedback looped in at every stage of your workflow

Rapid Design Polls

Quickly a/b test your designs and gain confidence from a quick design poll. A super fun and simple way to gather rapid feedback.

Other features you will love


Give blunt & honest feedback. Rate, write and give freehand feedback

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Engage with feedback in real time to reach a solution faster, together.

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Make smarter decisions sooner with data. Keep your workflow open & transparent

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