Numbers! Fractions! Just kidding! Quickly analyse responses and back your designs up with darn great data

Are you a flamboyant accountant? Nope, you're a designer and you need data crunched for you, so that you can grab metrics you need to validate your designs in seconds not days sat in front of a spreadsheet (that's a sheet with columns and rows)

Hey Give us Feedback Flippin' Fast...

How it works

Digest Responses Fast

Quickly scan, digest and order feedback responses as they come in

Analyse Feedback Metrics

Use feedback metrics to enhance your designs & discussions

Segment & Filter Feedback

Use Filters to create handy segments of responses, both internally & externally

Take notes on Feedback

Keep your notes in one handy place, making it easy for you and your team mates to collaborate & digest feedback from today or months ago.

Quickly discover common feedback

Reading every bit of feedback is useful, but with Fizzl word Clouds you can quickly discover common feedback trends.

Other features you will love


Engage with feedback in real time to reach a solution faster, together.

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Measure the qual & quant success of every feature live on your site / product.

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Fetch feedback early and often and iterate faster with time framed feedback

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