Fabulous, it's time to talk! Engage with responses in..wait for it..real time!

It's easy to scan a commenting thread, but if you genuinely want quality feedback more often, then breathe, just breathe and let the human out in you. Chat, debate, discuss and even better you can cut to the chase with clients, customers & team mates to reach solutions sooner.

Hey Give us Feedback Flippin' Fast...

How it works

Respond in real time

Recieve feedback and respond in real time to find a solution faster

Organise your conversations

Filter and easily keep track of your internal & external feedback conversations

Fizzl Bot

Don't leave responses hanging and respond faster with Fizzl Bot

Respond in Real-Time

Make use of feedback and respond in real time. Filter for new conversations and find solutions faster than reading comments.

Engage those who influence

Influencers typically respond faster and more often, giving quality feedback when you need it. Take the oppportunity to reward and recognise those that contribute the most to your product.

Other features you will love


Give blunt & honest feedback. Rate, write and give freehand feedback

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Make smarter decisions sooner with data. Keep your workflow open & transparent

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Measure the qual & quant success of every feature live on your site / product.

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