Share designs and fetch detailed, visual feedback

A transparent way to communicate designs and fetch visual feedback flippin' fast

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Invite, organise and segment your team

Fizzl makes easy work of collecting feedback. Organise your team as they exist in the real world, making it easy to get feedback from members of 'Marketing' or 'Product'

Create feedback Loops and link teams or individuals to projects

No more asking, waiting and chasing feedback. Simply link individuals or teams to projects and Fizzl requests feedback for you, giving you more time to design!

Collect feedback and version your designs in one handy place

Collect Feedback at every stage of your workflow from ideation to those squeaky clean mockups. Order your designs in a transparent way for you and your team.

Set a time-frame and collect visual feedback in seconds

Automate your feedback flow with Fizzl! Fizzl slides seamlessly into every designers workflow, making it easier to share designs and get feedback early and often

Digest feedback responses rapidly and make smart decisions sooner

Digest Responses in seconds. No more dull commenting threads, start to digest data like a designer and use data to make smart decisions sooner.

Tighten your feedback loop and respond to feedback in real time!

Collaborate with those who give feedback, which increases response rates and make it easier to find a solution faster.