"mmm I like that" in a commenting thread doesn't cut it with Fizzl. Be brave, humble and give blunt & honest feedback.

Feedback should be fun which is why we made it super easy to rate. write and wait for it, draw your feedback. Developers, this is your one shot to scribble on a designers masterpiece.

Hey Give us Feedback Flippin' Fast...

How it works


Be honest and rate the iteration with your honest opinion, from love to hate.


Jot down your feedback and get to the point with less than 140 characters to play with


Draw and highlight components of the iteration that your feedback connects to

Flippin' Fast Feedback

No need to create an account, those who want to give feedback can do so in seconds, increasing response rates and quality both internally and externally

Improve response rates

Fizzl makes giving Feedback fun. As a team, it's fun to analyse average response rates to ensure the feedback loop is super tight.

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Engage with feedback in real time to reach a solution faster, together.

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